Oil Spill Containment Booms

Containment Booms

Oil spill containment booms are used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, as well as to help make recovery easier. Booms help to concentrate oil in thicker surface layers so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively.

Booms are divided into three categories, depending on the area of usage:
  • I class - for protected waters (rivers and closed water spaces);
  • II class - for coastal areas (to close off harbor exits and entrances, in ports, and ship repairing factory basins);
  • III class - in open waters.

All of the three boom categories consist of the following main elements:
  • A float, which provides for the buoyancy of the boom
  • A freeboard, which prevents oil spilling over the boom (sometimes the freeboard and the float are combined)
  • A ballast, which provides for a vertical position of the boom relative to the water
  • A tensile stress element which provides for the boom to keep it’s configuration in case of wind or waves, and allows for the towing of booms on water
  • Connecting points allowing for the assembly of booms
  • Devices for towing and anchoring

Containment booms are manufactured from a special highly durable, acid, alkali and oil-resistant material. The boom structure provides for rapid deployment.

We offer the following types of containment booms:
  • Foam-filled curtain booms – light-weight booms with closed cells, in which foam floats are installed, giving the boom buoyancy.
  • Foam-filled fence booms – has low storage volume, due to the usage of flat foam panels, which give the boom buoyancy.
  • Inflatable booms - these booms were developed for use in situations requiring an exceptionally fast deployment in conjunction with compact size for storage and transportation.
  • Permanent installation booms – booms for permanent installation in areas where there is a continual risk of pollution, because they have a high tensile strength and can be used even in the toughest conditions
  • Oil burning and fire containment booms -state-of-the-art inflatable booms, designed for oil burning and fire containment operations on water surfaces.
  • Containment and recovery system – a system consisting of a boom section with built-in equipment for the recovery of the contained spill using weir skimmers, or absorbent booms.