Containment and Recovery System

Absorbing booms SkorBoom

  • Convenient and easy to use, the Skorboom sorbent boom is designed for continuous and multiple use.
  • The operating life is 3 times longer than that of standard sorbent boom.
  • The absorption properties of the material mean this boom may be used with oil of any viscosity.
  • The boom has simple and impermeable mechanical section connectors. 
  • The sorbent part of the boom is easily removed after disconnecting the reusable connector and ballast chains.
  • The foam filler supports the side height on immersion.
  • Relatively low cost in comparison to standard containment booms.
At the customer's request, on the booms can be applied any logo

Airmax V-Sweep — Versatile System of Inflatable Boom and Weir Skimmer

AirMax V-Sweep inflatable boom is manufactured from high quality polyurethane. The design ensures the best possible integrity of the boom’s air chambers.

AirMax V-Sweep is intended for sweeping using two boats. To be able to deploy the boom using one boat, an outrigger arm is used which helps retain the U shape of the boom.  The outrigger arm is made up of sections (corresponding to the dimensions of the boat) and is mounted on an articulated joint so that sweeping can be carried out even in rougher waters.

The system can be supplied with diesel or hydraulic motors and with either pneumatic or hydraulic drive.