Foam Filled Curtain Booms

For a wide range of applications

This type of boom has a closed cell, in which foam floats are installed, giving the boom buoyancy.

Features of foam-filled containment boom:

  • The booms are made from fully welded PVC, but they can be made to order from a range of different materials.  The welded seam edges of the boom have special strengthening.
  • The boom section length is determined by the customer.
  • The booms are complete with handles, anchor points, vertical supports, galvanised steel ballast chain,  tension cables made from galvanised or stainless steel coated with vinyl, giving the boom a high tear strength.
  • Optional accessories include – anchors, lights, reflectors, repair kits and towing kits.

OptiMax booms are used in rivers, streams, estuaries and near shore environments. OptiMax II conforms to OPA-90 specifications for protected water and fast current.

OptiMax booms are fitted with top cables that provide the high tensile strength required for towing and fast water applications.

The SuperMax boom is a high buoyancy curtain boom suited to harbor, coastal and open waters. SuperMax II meets OPA-90
requirements for open water applications.
At the customer's request, on the booms can be applied any logo