Booms for Oil Burning and Fire Containment

Hydro-Fire Boom

Hydro-Fire® Boom is a patented, tried and tested, state-of-the-art inflatable boom, designed for oil burning operations on water surfaces.

The boom can be used in a variety of applications.
By simultaneously sweeping and burning a contained oil spill, using this boom, from 600 to 1800 barrels (100 to 300 tons) of oil can be eliminated per hour.

Hydro-Fire boom can also be used to prevent the fire spreading by holding it in an area which can be treated effectively with foam.
During the battle with oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Hydro-Fire Boom has yet again proved to be the most effective means of dealing with the aftermath of accidental oil spills on water and avoiding the pollution of coastal waters and shorelines.

At the customer's request, on the booms can be applied any logo