Means of Delivery

Means of delivery

Meant for the delivery of technical equipment an materials needed for carrying out a complex of actions geared towards prompt oil spill response and containment in areas of oil production, primary processing, refining, petroleum storage tanks and oil pipelines.

In-land transport and specialized vessels are included in the means of delivery.

Specialized vessels for oil spill response include vessels meant for carrying out individual stages of the response process, or for the entire course of containment efforts. They can be divided into the following categories, based on their functionality:
  • Oil-spill and trash collection boats – self-propelling vessels carrying out independent oil or trash collection
  • Boom delivery vessels – fast self-propelling vessels, providing for the prompt delivery and deployment of containment booms to the oil spill
  • Universal vessels – self-propelling vessels able to service most of the stages of oil spill containment and recovery independently.