Fast Response Boats

Rapid Response Boats

Features of the rapid response boats:

  • Features of the rapid response boats;
  • Built from marine grade aluminium;
  • Single hull or catamaran;
  • From 5.5 to 18m in length;
  • Shallow draft;
  • Single or twin engine;
  • Fitted with water jet drive motors for operation in shallow water, as the majority of spills occur in inshore waters;
  • They can reach a speed of 40-50 knots;
  • They can be fitted with a simple console arrangement or an enclosed crew cabin.
  • They are constructed for oil spill recovery operations and can transport equipment for oil recovery, spray dispersants, collect waste.  They can also be used for other industrial applications;
  • Fitted with heavy-duty davits and winches, tow frame for boom towing and bow ramp for loading/un loading from the shore.

Rapid boats
The E24 rapid response boat is designed with minimum draft (40cm with load, less than 20cm without load), deadrise  is 24°, at the stern the deadrise is 15°.

FastCat Catamaran

FastCat Catamaran

The aluminium FastCat catamaran is fitted with two 425hp diesel engines and can effectively respond to spills up to 112km from the shore and transport up to 15 tons of equipment and materials.

Multi-Purpose Skiff

Multi-Purpose Skiff
Multi-Purpose Skiff 

The multi-purpose skiff is for transportation, storage and deployment of equipment for oil spill response.

Trash Collection Boat

Trash Collection Boat

We offer a variety of models for the collection of trash, in a wide range of sizes to suit different operating conditions.
The small pontoon type boat can be supplied to the customer in a standard container, in kit form. The boat is then assembled on site.
For larger volumes of waste, there are larger boats with hydraulic powered scoops which collect the waste and load it into containers on the deck.