Specialized Vehicles

Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier

Intended for work in remote and cross-country areas, this carrier was specially designed for the transportation of pumps and skimmers whilst also supplying them with power.

The carrier is fitted with an integral hydraulic motor and lifting crane for the loading and unloading of equipment.

The boom of the crane has a lifting capacity of 863kg at 2.81m.

The remote control for the crane means one operator can control the tractor complete with loading/unloading operations.


  • Lifting loads
  • Towing
  • Transportation, dumping
  • Power supply for skimmers and pumps

Specialized vehicles
Specialized vehicles
Specialized vehicles

Multi-purpose All-Terrain Vehicle

(All-Terrain Vehicle)

The multi-purpose All-Terrain Vehicle is a highly modified off-roader, used for efficient access to spills in remote and hard-to-access areas.

It is one of the best 4-wheel drive vehicles available on the market, capable of running a skimmer and submersible pump plus lifting, towing and transporting equipment and materials off-road across sand, tundra and snow.

The vehicle has excellent manoeuvrability thanks to the combination of 4-wheel drive and tracks. The ATV is fitted with auxiliary hydraulic drive, A-frame with hydraulically driven winch.

All terrain vehicle
All terrain vehicle
All terrain vehicle

Maximum towing capacity is 590kg.

he ATV can be supplied with a range of trailers and vacuum tanks.