Dispersant Spray Systems

Spray systems

The basis of the physicochemical method of oil spill recovery is the usage of dispersants and sorbents.

The physicochemical method of using dispersants and sorbents is deemed effective in the cases when the mechanical collection of oil is impossible, for instance when the thickness of the layer of the oil film is too small, or when the spilled oil poses a real threat to the highly ecologically vulnerable areas.

Dispersants are special chemicals, which are used for the activation of natural oil dispersal in order to ease the oil removal from the water surface before it reaches a more ecologically vulnerable area.

Furthermore, various powder, tissue and boom sorbents are used to contain the spilled oil. Immediately upon interaction with water, sorbents start absorbing oil, and the maximum intake is reached within the first 10 seconds (if the oil is of medium viscosity), after which clumps of oil-saturated material are formed.