SmartAsh Cyclonic Barrel Burner

Disposal of sorbents and other oily waste

SmartAsh Cyclonic Barrel Burner

The materials to be incinerated are loaded into a 208 litre open topped metal drum. They are then set alight and the lid is clamped on. Inside the drum a whirlwind of fire and intense heat is created. Burning takes place with no smoke or smell given off.  
An ash residue of 3% of the burnt material volume is all that remains. The full burning cycle lasts about 15-20 minutes.
SmartAsh can be supplied with the Oil Away attachment for oil injection. This allows various materials to be burnt, including waste oil and oil products.
Use of the unit fulfils the requirements of the EPA for incineration of materials not classed as dangerous.


SmartAsh can be used for burning: 

  • Used oily sorbents
  • Used filters
  • Waste oil products
  • Waste paper
  • Wood
  • Lubricants
  • Domestic waste