Equipment Packages

For efficient oil spill response

sets of equipment

Sets of Equipment for Oil Spill Response Following a Pipeline Accident

Accidents on pipelines, apart from disrupting the transportation of oil products, lead to serious pollution of the surrounding area.

Ecology departments of companies involved in the transportation of oil, must do everything possible to minimise the negative effects on the environment.

In order to do this, they must have available a thoroughly well prepared stock of equipment for effective spill response.

Standard sets of equipment for the effective response to a spill on a pipeline must accomplish the following tasks:

1. containment of the spilt oil;
2. recovery of the contained oil
3. where possible, treatment of the recovered oil and/or:
   а) reintroduction into the pipeline,
   b) dispatch to a refinery,
4. minimise negative effect on the environment,
5. total clean-up of the location of the spill
We can put together sets of equipment for special order, for example, for use in harbours, tank farms, pipeline right-of-way, or the open sea.

sets of equipment

* The set can be modified to suit the particular requirements of the customer

Standard Set of Equipment for Efficient Response to an Oil Spill from a Pipeline Accident *

1. MiniMax containment boom — 1 pallet, 152m
2. Oil skimmer system with a recovery rate of  20m³/hour — 2 pc
 The system consists of:
   TDS 136  skimmer — 2 pc;
   power pack  — 2 pc;
   set of hoses  — 2 pc;
   pumps  — 2 pc.
3. Minivac system with DrumIt vacuum head— 1 pc;
4. Quick Tank storage tank  — 2 pc;
5. Sorbents
   а) powder sorbent  — 20 bags;
   b) SkorBoom  sorbent boom — 16 pc. size 0.13 by 3m;
   c) sorbent pads — 4 pc
6. SmartAsh burner (with 4 drums) — 1 pc.
7. 220V generator  — 2 pc.
8. Lighting mast  — 2 pc.
9. Leaf blower  — 2 pc.
10. Gauze  — 2 pc.
11. Garden rak  — 2 pc.
12. Fork  — 2 pc.
13. Set of tools — 1 pc.
14. Alligator wrench — 2 pc.

sets of equipment



We offer a full range of containers for storage and transportation of equipment and accessories for the clean-up operation following an oil spill. These containers come in a range of sizes and can be customised to suit  individual requirements.

Typically 20 or 40’ containers are supplied, which can be fitted with side opening doors for quick and easy access to the equipment.

Racks can be fitted inside the containers for hanging containment boom. This allows the boom to be stored odd the floor and pre-connected ready for deployment.

Trailers can likewise be used for storing equipment. These are also available in a wide range of styles and sizes.