Oil Spill Recovery Systems

Recovery Systems

A skimmer is a compact device that separates a liquid from particles floating on it or from another liquid, for instance collecting floating oil from the water surface.

Depending on the amount and type of spilled oil, as well as the weather conditions, different types of skimmers are used.

Skimmers are divided based on their transportation and anchoring (stationary, towable and moveable on various floatation devices), as well as based on their operating principle - oleophilic, weir and vacuum.

1. Oleophilic skimmers - oil products are very adhesive to oleophilic surfaces.
An oleophilic drum skimmer is equipped with spinning drums, which, on their surface, collect oil products with a small amount of water. Oil products are then mechanically removed from the drum surface.
This type of skimmer features a low sensitivity to the oil viscosity and allows for the collection of oil in shallow waters, boatyards, and ponds with a high content of algae.

2. Weir skimmers are used for collection of high volume spills.
The induction port of a weir skimmer is lowered into the water slightly below the level of the spilled oil. A small surface layer of the water and oil goes through the weir, where the oil is separated from the water, and then removed from the device.
Weir skimmers are easy and reliable in use. These skimmers can last for years without any breakdowns.

4. Vacuum skimmers – the surface layer of the water gets sucked in, after which the oil is separated from the water.

The vacuum skimmer functions due to the suction created in the vacuum-settling reservoir. The vacuum allows for the intake of water with oil film. The oil and water mixture settles in the reservoir and is pumped out, either back to the river, if it’s just water, or into a special container, if it’s oil.

Vacuum skimmers are lightweight and relatively small in dimensions, which allows for easy transportation to remote areas. They do not incorporate pumps, and require land or vessel vacuuming equipment.

Vacuum skimmers also feature vacuum systems for cleanup of shorelines and remote areas, as well as vacuum systems for oil collection from hard surfaces.