Auxilary Equipment


General features of the pumps:

  • Light and durable casings from aluminium;
  • Compact and versatile;
  • Able to work without lubricants;
  • Transfer speed control;
  • Hydraulic drive;
  • Comparatively low energy

Diesel Power Packs

We offer a choice of power packs including diesel and electro-hydraulic to power pumps and other equipment.

General features of diesel power packs:
  • Fitted with quiet water-cooled diesel engines with electric start.
  • Compact but powerful, these units are mounted on a steel frame and are supplied with a control panel. The open design of the frame makes for easy maintenance.
  • The control panel, produced on a laser machine tool, is fitted with valves for the control of two hydraulic drives (skimmer and pump). Dual instruments measuring hydraulic pressure show the pressure during operation.
  • The large capacity fuel tank is mounted on the main frame under the hydraulic pump and is fitted with a temperature gauge, filter and tensioner.