Drum Oil Skimmers

MiniMax, TDS and Magnum Oil Skimmers

MiniMax Oil Skimmer

This is a durable and reliable drum skimmer, designed for uninterrupted operations in tough industrial conditions.

The frame of the standard skimmer is manufactured in high density polyethylene, which gives the skimmer excellent resistance to the effects of chemical compounds which are to be found in settling tanks, separators, storage tanks and pits.

Special versions of the frame have been produced out of anodised marine grade aluminium, or stainless steel for high temperatures and for work in highly corrosive environments with high pH.


TDS and Magnum Oil Skimmers

The TDS 118 and 136 models are distinguished by their low weights and can easily be carried by hand.

For operations at sea, the Magnum skimmer models can be fitted with a wave breaker to help prevent oversplash into the skimmer sump.

The Magnum 400 is fitted with a 914mm diameter drum. This diameter drum provides the highest buoyancy to weight ratio of all skimmers on the market.

Steam Heating System

Elastec’s drum skimmers can be supplied with a steam heating system, which allows then to operate at low temperatures in waters covered with chunks of ice.

Steam coils can be installed in the collection trough and sump. Steam is produced by a generator, with a water tank installed. The system is housed in a trailer for transportation to a spill site.

During operations the steam heating system melts snow and ice around the skimmer, allowing the oil access to the drum.

In addition, the system heats the oil, improving the flow to the transfer pump and preventing hoses from icing up.

Steam Heating System


Steam Heating System