Vacuum Systems

PACS 1000/1200 Vacuum Unit

The PACS 1000/1200 vacuum unit is used for the removal of liquids, hard waste and oil sludge from ground or water surfaces.

The PACS 1000/1200 can be used to drive additional equipment, for example, skimmers and pumps.


The system can be supplied with:
   - diesel or petrol engine;
   - a high pressure water pump (hydraulic);
   - a screw pump;
   - a saddle tank for water.
Rear door diameter — 0.91 m or 1.52 m.
Vacuum pump capacity  6.5/9.6/14.1/22 m³/hour.
Tank capacity —3,785 litres (for model PACS1200 – 4,542 litres).

Features of the vacuum unit:

  • The unit is easy to use in hard to reach places.
  • The unit is less expensive than truck-mounted vacuum units.
  • The unit can be trailer and/or skid mounted. Units mounted on trailers can be towed on public roads.
  • The unit has been tested successfully in the very toughest of operating conditions.
  • The unit can be transported in a standard 20’ shipping container.

MiniVac II Mobile Portable System

The MiniVac II is designed for the recovery of spilt liquids, oil and run-off water with solid matter content, with a diameter of 2 to 50mm.

It is ideally suited to use in remote regions and industrial areas.

  • The system is usually fitted with a quiet 15kV diesel engine, with electric start and spark arrestor, but can be fitted with a gas of electric engine if required.
  • The vacuum pump provides suction for the recovery of oil into standard drums or tanks with a capacity of 416 litres.
  • The recovery rate of the system is 30m³/hour.
MiniVac II

  «MiniVac II with All Terrain Vacuum Tank»

MiniVac II

The new 416 litre vacuum tank, which is for use in off-road conditions is fitted with centrpoint suspension, allowing the tank to be taken to hard-to-access areas. The tank has a low centre of gravity and can be towed by any off-road vehicle.

For towing across soft ground, sand or snow, the tank can be mounted on tracks.
MiniVac II

The system can be supplied with the DrumIt vacuum head intended for attaching to open top 209 litre drums which is moved to another drum when the first is filled.

All Terrain Vac

All terrain vac

All terrain vac

All terrain vac
The high power vacuum system All Terrain Vac is used for the recovery of oil in industrial zones and for the recovery of accidental spills. It is mounted on a chassis with centrepoint suspension.

The system is transported on the Multi-purpose All Terrain Vehicle.