Weir Skimmer

For recovery of large oil spills

Sea Skater Oil Skimmer

This skimmer is intended for effective operation on large oil spills, where a very high recovery rate is required.

The system is made up of a circular floating spillover (weir) with the LP3000 positive displacement pump with hydraulic drive.

When the level of the weir is slightly lower than the oil level, the surface layer of liquid flows over the weir and is pumped out to a storage tank.


Sea Skater


Transportation of, and power to, the skimmer can be supplied by the Multi-Purpose Crawler Carrier, with its integrated hydraulic motor and crane for deployment and recovery of the skimmer.

Sea Skater

The advantages of the Sea Skater are:

  • Excellent wave following performance;
  • High oil recovery rate – up to 90m³/hour;
  • Shallow draft;
  • High buoyancy to weight ratio, which limits drastic changes in draft due to skimmer loading;
  • Light aluminium tubing frame with a rigid circular member, which gives strength to the frame and increase
  • the skimmer’s impact resistance;
  • Large diameter floats which increase the water circulation;
  • Light weight.