Further Sludge Processing and Treatment of Drill Cuttings

Дальнейшая обработка шламов и обломков  выбуренной породы

To enable final solids to be further treated to completely remove all traces of oils and chemicals and also to treat drill cuttings Argus offer the latest available thermal desorbtion technology.

As a result of the thermal desorbtion processing, there is practically no oil in the solid particles.

The Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) is an indirectly heated rotary drum, which is operated in a parallel flow configuration. The burner flame and exhaust gases do not come into contact with the contaminated material. The drum rotates within an insulated chamber, which can be heated by combination fuel burners capable of burning natural gas, fuel oil, syngas, or propane. As the drum rotates, the surface of the contaminated material exposed to the metal surface is continuously renewed which facilitates the transfer of heat from the heated chamber through the drum to the material. The material is heated to a sufficient temperature to volatilize the contaminants. This is achieved under anaerobic conditions thereby preventing oxidation of the hydrocarbons.

The system operates at a maximum temperature of 450°C  but generally 380°C is sufficient for treatment purposes.

Gases and water produced throughout the process and water are treated to remove remaining hydrocarbons.

The system essentially removes all oil from solids and water.

System advantages:
  • Complete elimination of oil from the sludge mass;
  • Low emissions;
  • The possibility of futher use of the cleansed solids;
  • The possibility of further use of the cleansed hydrocarbons.

The thermal desorbtion unit is explosion proof and is delivered and operated as a complete system with control room and a computer readout.

The thermal desorption unit is also available as a trailer mounted  package for use on remote sites.

Process Description and Equipment Layout

We offer a complete service including civil works such as foundations, electrical and piping connections and installation, start up, servicing and operation of the equipment at site. Our services may include maintenance and supply of spare parts for the duration of our operation.