Cleaning of Oil Storage Tanks and Processing Sludge at Tank Side

Floating Roof Tanks

Floating roof tanks are one of the most difficult and dangerous types of tanks to clean due to the volatile nature of the oil and sludge contained therein.

We offer a unique On-Line cleaning technology.

The usage of this technology completely negates the need for human entry inside the tank.


First, oil is pumped out of the storage tank by means of high-capacity pumps.  Then it is sent through a heat exchanger where the temperature is raised to the maximum, 55°C.

The system operates by drawing oil from the tank using a high flow pump, passing the product through a heat exchanger where the temperature is raised to a maximum 55 deg c. The heated oil is then pumped to the fluidic nozzle via a 150mm diameter flexible pipeline and specially designed support gantry. The oil is continuously circulated through the closed loop system for a set period of time. The nozzle rotates and sweeps the entire floor area of the tank, breaking up and re-suspending the sludge and wax with the fresh oil.

The basic system is shown in the schematic below:


This system was successfully implemented on many oil storage tank cleaning projects.


Fixed Roof Oil Storage Tanks

To remove sludge and wax from fixed roof or closed tanks we offer a easy-to-use hydraulic powered mini-dozer.

After removal the sludge is transferred to the HSPU treatment unit and centrifuged and/or subjected to thermal desorption as described above (see page 3-4).


Hydro-Dozer Hydraulic Powered

The dozer can be disassembled completely to fit through a standard tank man-way entry and reassembled inside the tank.

The dozer is operated by remote control avoiding the need for human entry.

It is able to move inside the tank breaking up the heavy sludge banks and works in tandem with one of our purpose-made sludge pumps.

The Mini Dozer is complete with a range of options which allows it to be operated in a range of modes, either manually or by remote control:
  • Mini Dozer for in tank entry, breaking up sludge banks.
  • Mini Dozer for working in restricted areas such as beneath pipelines.
  • Hydro-dredger for working under water up to 5 metres deep to remove sludge

Hydro Suction Dredger

Heavy-duty high performance pump with high capacity and solids handling capability, able to handle solids up to 100mm diameter. The pump is able to remove sludge right down to the tank bottom due to the design of the suction pipe on the pump.

It is powered by a double diesel hydraulic power pack and can be linked to the mini-dozer or work independently.