Treatment of Oily Waste and Contaminated Soils by Biological Methods

Making use of state of the art technology and know how, the Argus Group offers a unique biological process and equipment for completely removing solids from oily sludge.

Solids with from 5 to 50% oil product contamination are subject to treatement.

The process is analogous to composting in agriculture in which stacks are turned to enhance microorganism growth.


The first stage for effective treatment is the diffusion of oxygen into the rows to encourage growth and activity of microbes in an anaerobic environment.

The second stage is to irrigate and control the moisture when introducing water and nutritive elements during the aeration of the rows.

These two conditions are essential for enhancing growth of micro-organisms which attack hydrocarbons.

Thirty to sixty days is the ideal amount of time required for full decomposition.

It is important to note that during the entire process time it is essential to supply water, air and nutrients, as well as to carefully control their content level in order to provide the ideal conditions for the micro-organisms responsible for the recycling.


The AGV 1250 row canter consists of a tunnel frame with an attached unit for row processing, equipped with special injector nozzles. The processing speed is adjustable.

The production capacity of the machine is 1250 m3/hr or 90 000 m3/year, which allows for the full recycling of the waste mass typical at most oil-producing facilities.