Oily Waste Sludge Removal and Treatment

Oily Waste Sludge Removal and Treatment

At the outset of each project, our specialists will assess each specific situation.  Their analysis leads to recommendations on the most effective methods to remove oily sludge from lagoons, ponds, etc and to draw up the requirements for the optimum equipment package.

All equipment used and recommended by Argus Group specialists is explosion-proof and is powered by specially designed diesel hydraulic power sources

Oil sludge from ponds or tanks can be gathered using mechanical methods such as pumping, excavating and various combinations of the two.


Any 360° excavator with sufficient reach and weight carrying capacity is suitable for this operation.

Sludge is removed by the excavator and loaded into a  special hopper or feed system on the treatment unit.

We offer a special rotating sieve bucket which can be fitted to any  hydraulic excavator. This enables the heavy sludge to be excavated whilst the rotating sieve allows the water and fine solids to fall through.


For the clean up of sludge from the bottom of lagoons, we offer a pontoon system, equipped with pumps and capturing dredges

The system can be used in depths up to 6 meters, in lagoons up to 300 meters wide.

For the removal of heavy sludge under water, a remote controlled suction dredge is used

The dredge is equipped with a high capacity sludge pump and can be used in depths up to 5 meters.

For intense pumping we use specially developed high capacity pumps, which allow pumping for significant distances.

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