Pontoon system extracting sediment

For the extraction of bottom sludge in oil lagoons, we are offering a pontoon system, which is one of the most effective systems presented on the market at the present time.

The system can be used in depths up to 6 meters, and in lagoons up to 300 meters wide.

The system is easy to use and does not require any specialized skills.

The system is assembled at the base of a barge which is made up of pontoons connected with bolted joints. The size of the barge can be increased by adding additional pontoon sections.

The barge is equipped with:
  • a wing pump., which allows to pump sludge from both sides of the barge
  • 2 metallic pump sleeves with capturing dredges
  • flexible hoses for flushing the collected sludge onshore
  • a hoist and a metallic cable which provides for the movement of the barge.


The package also includes a hydraulic power source which provides the necessary pressure for the pump.

The pump is able to provide for the sludge transit of up to 500 miles to the shore, where it is discharged and further treated.


The movement of the barge is due to the hoist, which eliminated the necessity to have a working engine on board, thus reducing the potential danger of flamability of the oil products in the lagoon.

In the standard configuration, the length of the cable packaged with the hoist unit is targeted for a lagoon width of up to 300 meters, but, if necessary, the legth of the cable can be extended.

The barge moves from one bank to the other, according to the coordinate grid.

The capturing dredges secured at the ends of the pumping sleeves, located at both sides of the barge submerge into the heavy sludge at the bottom of the lagoon.

As soon as the heavy potions f the sludge are pumped out, and the rest of the residue consists of  liquid unpolluted particles and water, the system moves on to a new place, and restarts the pumping out process.

As soon as the path of the barge movement is cleared, the cement anchor blocks move along the shoreline to provide for a new path.
The system has proved exceptional  during lagoon boottom sludge removal at the Total oil-refining factories.

The results prove the effectiveness and economical rationallity og this method of sludge removal.